Terms of Service


Buyers are responsible for reading the entire contents of this page prior to purchase. Buyer understands they have entered into a legal and binding agreement once they have completed the purchase for any times purchased from this site. Buyers are expected to comply to all terms stated on this page at all times. For any reason any buyer that does not agree with these terms or any part of it, are to not to complete the purchase and seek another seller. Company will strictly enforce these policies to the event of taking legal action against any party who interferes with the normal operations of our business both financial and operational.

FRAUD : Company has a zero tolerance policy regarding buyers who attempt to defraud company. Any buyer who has any intensions of defrauding our company will be legally proscuted in the buyer's home state. Company will have its legal department submit complaints to both the buyer's postal inspector's office and local police department. In addition, the buyer will be placed into a national database of people who have initiated any type of fraud against merchants. In the event there are any loss of revenues as a result of buyer's actions, legal action will be taken against buyer, where travel expenses, court costs and other fees associated with the recover efforts will be added to the debt owed. Buyer will have a collection agency sought after the collection of debt where the collection agency will be instructed to place the specified debt onto the person's credit report and will not be removed until the debt and associated fees will be recovered.

ADVERTISEMENT : Product advertisement, images, and stated information are for sales purposes only. They provide a general idea of what the product is designed for. Buyers are to conduct their own research or seek the actual manufacture of the product for details regarding the item they are interested in purchasing. Company reserves the right without notice to buyer to complete orders with compatible items without notice to buyer. Company will not answer any questions regarding compatibility or other technical inquires. Images on represented via our store are for advertisement purposes only and are not of the actual product being sent to customer. Company will provide same exact or compatible product to buyer as per the advertised specifications.

BUYER CONDUCT : Company does not tolerate any buyer who thinks they can act in an unprofessional manner. Any buyer acting in such a way that they think they can dictate terms or make any type of threats will have their orders immediately cancelled. In addition, company will exercise the right to initiate legal action against any buyer intention is to cause any financial damages towards company, this will not be limited to sending buyer to collection agency to recup such damages. Buyers do not have the legal right to dictate terms to company under any circumstances. Any buyer making threats to company via stating they will file any types of financial disputes against company will have mail order fraud charges filed against them as well have legal action taken against them for breach of contract.

COMMUNICATION : Buyer must contact seller via the stated contact methods stated by company. Buyer will not at any time use any other methods of contacting company other than the methods stated by company. Company will not respond to buyer's emails or correspondence if it does not contain complete information. Company will ignore all buyer's who contact them via direct email and will take legal action against any buyer who purposely files disputes with the payment service used as a communications method.

SHIPPING : Products purchased from this online store will only be shipped to the verified credit card's billable address or the confirmed address provided by the payment method. We will not ship to any other address other than the address provided by the payment service or verified credit card address. Will do not ship to PO Box addresses or any address which is designated to a PO Box, address must be that of where the buyer resides or works at. Any orders found to have a PO Box or similar address will be cancelled.

We only ship to the United States. We do not ship to any other destination other than the United States.

Shipping and handling charges under any circumstances will not be refundable. Any products being returned or refused by buyer will incur the loss of the stated shipment charges plus an additional 25% restocking fee.

TERMS OF SALE : All sales are final regarding the purchase of products from company's online store. Once payment has been made by the buyer, the buyer has no legal right to cancel the order under any circumstances. Company will reserve the right to cancel any orders for any reason it seems fit without notice to buyer.

WARRANTY : All products will come with a defective exchange warranty that starts upon the delivery of the product to the buyer's confirmed address. Buyer will then have 7 physical days to contact company with any defects with product. Products must be installed by manufactured licensed entities to have warranty coverage. Any buyer who installs product without seeking a manufacturer licensed entity will have no warranty implied. Any tampering, abuse, or modification will void warranty. Warranty does not cover incompatibility issues with buyer's device.