Buyers must contact merchant via the support URL in which will be given to buyers in good standing with merchant. Buyers are not to contact merchant via the contact link provided. Because merchant has had to many buyers send emails with one word or limited phrases, merchant will not respond to direct emails. Merchant must have full information such as full name, product purchased, and date of purchase, etc to look up packages. Merchant will not waste time looking through orders to find buyers status. Merchant will only respond to inquires from buyers from the support url which will be given to all buyers who are in good standards.
Payment clearance is stated as the time it takes for the payment service buyer used to pay for an item to be deposited into the bank account of the merchant by the payment service. Orders are not complete until the payment service has successfully deposited the funds into the merchant's bank account. Until then a buyer's payment is pending until the transfer is complete. Only then will merchant being to process the buyer's order. Orders will either be cancelled or delayed if buyer files a dispute in which company policies will be legally enforced.
Products will only be shipped to the confirmed address provided by the payment service. Merchant will not ship to any other address other than that provided by the payment service. Merchant will reject any requests from buyer to have item shipped to another address other then the confirmed address. Merchant does not ship to PO Boxes, PO Box related addresses, or APO's. Do not ask merchant to ship to these types of addresses. Merchant also does not ship products outside the United States.
The company's official shipment time of products is that of federal laws allow merchant to ship product out. The physical delivery time of the product from when it leaves the merchant's destination is 14 to 21 days. This time period is when the product leaves the merchants destination which must be allowed to reach the buyer's confirmed address. Buyer's who do not validate their shipment address upon request of the merchant will have their package delayed an additional 2-3 business days for validation of the buyer's address. Due to the number of products which have been returned back to merchant due to buyer address errors, merchant has decided to make this procedure mandatory.
The terms and conditions of sale are clearly stated to all buyers at any time. Buyers are legally expected to read the entire disclosure regarding the policies of merchant. Buyers who have completed the transaction have entered into a legal and binding agreement with merchant. Merchant will legally enforce these policies against any buyer attempting to violate such terms of sale. Buyer does not have the legal right to alter or interject their own policies. The policies are the legal agreement in which both parties have agreed to conduct business under. Merchant will take immediate legal action against any buyer who decides to violate the stated policies, especially to those buyers who attempt to defraud merchant. The terms of condition of sale are clearly stated upfront to all buyers. Buyer is to not purchase any products from merchant if they do not agree to these policies or any part of it.